Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival Committee Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining a committee! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to presenting exceptional visual arts, traditional crafts, educational activities, and live performing artists to enlighten, entertain, and enrich the community while preserving and demonstrating Pennsylvania’s historical and living cultural heritage. We rely upon the support of our gracious volunteers who bring our mission to life by assisting in pre-festival planning as well as on-site operations during our 4-day Festival.

Joining a committee is a wonderful way for you to help us promote and produce one of the largest events in Westmoreland County. No experience with event planning or the arts is necessary. We are a diverse group of individuals and encourage new volunteers who possess a positive attitude and team-work mentality to get involved.

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Descriptions of all our committees are provided below. Read more, decide which committees you would like to join, then click the link above to apply. If you have additional questions about joining a committee, feel free to email us at info@artsandheritage.comor call our office at 724-834-7474 for more details.

Artist Market

Reviews craft applications, juries artists, and places accepted vendor booths at the Festival. Supervises crafter check-in during the Festival. Reviews guidelines for applying to the Artist Market. Ensures that booths conform to applications. Develops strategies to encourage artists to demonstrate while onsite. Administers follow-up surveys and other materials. Meets 2 to 3 times in March to jury artists; very active in June and through Festival in July.


Collects and manages donations for the benefit auction. Catalogs and displays items. Works to transport items to sale site and staffs the auction while it takes place. Most work takes place between the Festival and auction date.

Children’s Activities

Responsible for operating the Children’s Area at the Festival and ensures all activities support the Festival’s mission. Choose crafters that have craft activities that not only support the ideas and mission of the Festival, but also act as facilitators of the arts. Plan shows and activities around the Children’s Area. Meets as needed up to May – meets more frequently starting late May.

Community Outreach

Finds volunteers to represent the Festival at community events in the area. Identifies programs to which the Festival can contribute funds or in-kind donations. Finds volunteers to distribute informational materials for Festival programs. New committee – meets infrequently.


Reviews comic and cartoon artists at the Festival and works to expand the knowledge of comic and cartoon art as fine art products. Decides on programming that will help to drive more interest in the FestivalCon section. Solicits new cartoon and comic artists to participate in FestivalCon. Works to grow FestivalCon to be a profit generator and an attraction at the Festival. Meets as needed up to May – meets more frequently starting late May.

Food & Beverage

Sets prices for booths. Develops food vendor contracts. Juries food applicants. Organizes food vendor judging on Laurel Stage. Inspects food booths during Festival to ensure that all guidelines are being followed and that all types and prices of items being sold have been approved. Meets 2 or 3 times before Festival; works during Festival.


Plans fundraising events/activities for the Festival that can occur during the Festival or in the off season. Identifies potential sources of individual, corporate, and foundation support. Creates thoughtful matches between sponsors/donors and specific Festival programs. Works to increase donations during the Festival. Meets as needed.

Heritage Trail

Chooses participants and programming for the Heritage Trail. Schedules participants and guides them to their assigned spots during the Festival. Promotes trail visitation during the Festival. Also oversees heritage-related presentations in the Upper Lake area, Hillside Stage, and Laurel Stage. Works to grow cultural awareness by seeking out cultural organizations for placement on the Trail. Finds traditional demonstrating artists such as quilters and blacksmiths. Finds local authors for booths along the trail and schedules talks on stages. Meets as needed until booths are booked – works during Festival.

Information Booth

Creates and schedules volunteer orientation sessions for information booth volunteers. Determines what is to be included for sale at the information booths. Develops appropriate signage and display features. Meets sporadically in May/June.

Literary Arts

Develops the Festival’s Poetry & Short Story Contest including related programming such as readings and the award ceremony. Helps to find jurors for the contests. Assembles award winning works in a binder for visitors at the Festival to read.

Long-Term Planning

Responsible for developing a five year plan for growth of the Festival. Uses measurable facts to determine what needs to be done so the Festival may continue to grow both financially and in popularity with individuals from the area. Explore new options that may work to increase efficiencies in spending while growing the notoriety of the organization and Festival. Meetings will be quarterly as defined by the current members of the committee.

Park Decorations

Designs plan for decorating the park. Hangs decorations and monitors condition of decorations during the Festival. Takes decorations down and packs them up after the Festival. Meets once to plan decorations, then works to hang decorations in the days preceding the Festival.

Performing Arts

Selects and schedules performing artists for the Festival’s four stages. Schedules emcees for all four stages. Greets performers onsite. Attends performances (when possible) and takes notes for the following year. Meets every two weeks from October until schedule is booked. Works during Festival.

Promotional Booths

Responsible for coordinating all aspects of commercial, non-commercial, wine, and craft brewery vendor applicants from review of applications to placement at Festival. Supervises promo booth check-in at the Festival.

Special Presentations

Selects and schedules strolling entertainers, special events, and activities that take place during the Festival. Responsible for programming for the “Fiddlers’ Deck” and the “Center Gallery.” Serves as the selection committee for the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Lifetime Achievement Awards. Responsible for Opening Ceremony itinerary. Meets monthly and works during Festival.


Arranges shuttle bus pick-up locations. Serves as the liaison between First Student and the Festival. Locates volunteers to man the shuttle bus ticket booths. Assesses how many shuttle buses the Festival will require. Meets once before Festival and works during Festival.

Volunteer Procurement

Maintains a volunteer database for all aspects of the organization. Calls volunteers and asks them to fill the roles as described in the Festival’s Volunteer Opportunity Guide. Works with the various committees that have needs for volunteers. Schedules volunteers for the Festival in July and for other activities as needed. Tracks volunteer hours and assists in developing a system for volunteer recognition. Calling begins in late May.

Westmoreland Art Nationals

Chooses jurors for the show and hires a project manager to hang the show and receive work. Revises the show’s prospectus and helps promote the show locally, regionally and nationally. Plans opening receptions and assists in monitoring exhibit and selling works. Meets several times after March 1. Works through June and during the Festival.

Youth Art

Develops guidelines for the contest. Selects a juror (or jurors) for the contest and assists in the jurying process. Hangs replicas of winning pieces at the Festival. Meets once in January to review guidelines and again in May to jury work. Works in days preceding Festival and during Festival.

Youth Poetry & Short Story

Develops guidelines for the contest. Selects a juror (or jurors) for the contest and assists in the jurying process. Hangs copies of winning works at the Festival.  Meets once in January to review guidelines and again in May to jury work. Works in days preceding Festival and during Festival.