Heritage Trail at Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival

The recently renovated Heritage Trail is a path that meanders through a shaded area of Twin Lakes Park featuring local authors, cultural groups, historical societies, and non-profit organizations during the Festival. These booths are offered free to eligible participants. We’re always on the lookout for new organizations, groups, and local authors to join in celebrating our area’s history.

Are you interested in participating along the Heritage Trail?

Downloadable 2024 Heritage Trail Application

**On the application, you may need to update your Adobe if certain fields are not allowing you to enter the required information.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: April 30, 2024 (you can apply after this date, but you will NOT be on the map)

2023 Heritage Trail Vendors

HT4 SUNDAY Jonathan Sima, Author Irwin PA AUTHOR
HT5 SATURDAY Asmurphyartist Pittsburgh PA AUTHOR
HT6 Faerie Grace, Author New Alexandria PA AUTHOR
HT7 Chuck Carr, Author New Alexandria PA AUTHOR
HT8 SATURDAY & SUNDAY Bill Metzger, Author Confluence PA AUTHOR
HT9 SATURDAY & SUNDAY Linda Coddington, Author Berlin PA AUTHOR
HT12 Stan Gordon Greensburg PA www.stangordon.info AUTHOR
HT15 Ronald Murphy, Author Latrobe PA AUTHOR
HT1 Blue & Gray Brigade North Huntington PA CULTURAL
HT2 Timeline Enterprises Grove City PA CULTURAL
HT3 Pittsburgh RenFen West Newton PA CULTURAL
HT13 Blacksmiths Mount Pleasant PA CULTURAL
HT14 SATURDAY & SUNDAY Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society Jeannette PA CULTURAL
HT10 Hilltop Baptist Church Hunker PA NON-PROFIT

Heritage Trail Panel Program

The Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival is proud to offer our Heritage Trail Panel Program to groups participating along the Trail throughout the Festival as well as to organizations who simply do not have enough volunteers to staff a booth. A Heritage Panel is a 4 by 8-foot sheet of plywood that we provide for you. The subject matter of panels can show how a particular town, region, industry, business, ethnic group, or organization contributed to the history of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Panels are also a great opportunity for listing websites, membership information, event calendars, and accomplishments. Best of all, they allow your group to have a presence even if you’re unable to commit to manning a booth. Interested in learning more or reserving a panel for your organization?

Downloadable 2024 Heritage Trail Panel Form

DEADLINE TO APPLY – May 31, 2024